Modular robotic playware

By Moises Pacheco

The current modular robot fi eld has still many control engineering challenges to face. This is why this project will implement adaptive control theory on a modular robotic system. This will allow us to regulate the system regardless of its confi guration, shape or weight (e.g., static stability, dynamic stability, steady speed output); it will focus as well on the inclusion of interactive technologies and on the development of its mechanical design.

During the project, an interdisciplinary approach will be utilized during the working method which will start off from mechanical design engineering in combination with control engineering, coupled with an understanding of play dynamics and human motivation.

The PhD project will provide novel insights on controller implementations in modular systems. The results are expected to affect  concept developments for future products on the global market, which exploit modular playware technology.

To be completed: 2015

Co-funded by the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation