RoboMusic & iBlocks

RoboMusic combines music and modular robotics in a new platform for interactive cooperation between music and users. The concept contains revolutionizing new possibilities for musical expression by enabling the user to influence and change music through physical interaction with the music.

The idea behind RoboMusic is that the composer creates music, which makes it possible for the users to change the course of the music made, thereby creating their own personal expressions. By the use of robotics, the musical experience is changed and becomes a dynamic process in which the users become active participants.

Different from traditional instruments, the users do not have to have musical training in order to participate and develop music.

The idea behind RoboMusic is an independent research project under the Center for Playware. In this project, the basic idea is implemented in technologically advanced cubes, iBlocks, which function as musical “building blocks”. The Cubes are used in 3 of the Center’s present projects:

• In the part-project RockBlocks, the concept is used interactively to communicate the history of rock music in cooperation with the future museum of rock, The Danish Rock Museum, opening in July, 2009, in Roskilde. The visitors at the museum will be able to experiment with central genres in the history of rock from the 1950’s and up til today, and they can create their own versions of the preferred genre.

This part-project is carried out under the project “Joint Creative Growth” led by RoboCluster and receives financial support from the Development Forum in the Region of Southern Denmark.

• RoboMusic Learning aims to make the teaching in musical understanding a better experience – both for teachers and students. Normally, it requires both talent and practice over time, before the students are able to master a traditional instrument. Most students will never reach a satisfactory level, and therefore do not experience the joy of expressing themselves through music.

RoboMusic provides the opportunity to experience this joy, regardless of the students’ levels. At the same time, the use of the building blocks can help teach the students about the composition of music in different genres, and RoboMusic Learning is therefore an example of a new type of intelligent learning material that uses “learning-by-doing” in new ways in the teaching.

The part-project is carried out under the research and development project “Serious Games on a Global Market”, led by The Danish School of Education and receives financial support from The Danish Agency of Science, Technology and Innovation’s KINO-funds.

• RoboMusic DJ is a part-project carried out in co-operation with the musicians behind Funk Star De Luxe. The goal is to develop tools that musicians and DJ’s can use as a part of their live performances. Here robotic instruments can add a more visual, physical dimension. At the same time, through the project tools are designed, which the audience can hold in their hands and directly influence the music during concerts.

This part-project is carried out under the project “Joint Creative Growth” led by RoboCluster.  It receives financial support from the Development Forum in the Region of Southern Denmark.

By the use of robotics in the teaching, all students can experience the joy of creating music, regardless of the musical abilities.
Robotic instruments provide the musicians behind electronic music with a new visual dimension in their performance.