Playware's MOTO Tiles Wins Best Senior Care and Rehabilitation Award

Friday 06 Dec 19


Henrik Hautop Lund
DTU Electro
+45 45 25 39 29
Global Health and Pharma (GHP), a global healthcare publication based in the United Kingdom, honored Professor Henrik Hautop Lund of our Center for Playware, DTU Electrical Engineering with the award for the Best Senior Care and Rehabilitation – Northern Europe for the Moto Tiles at its 2019 GHP Technology Awards.

The merit-based GHP Technology Awards were established to recognize the important contributions made by companies and individuals who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of healthcare available and creating innovative healthcare solutions worldwide. Global Health & Pharma is a global information-sharing platform of Human, Animal, Environmental Health & Pharmaceutical news with readership of over 260,000 wellness professionals and healthcare-related suppliers worldwide.

The prestigious global award was given for the Moto Tiles research and development, and the impact that implementation of the playful technology has on senior care and rehabilitation. The Moto Tiles are used for improving seniors physical and cognitive abilities, and for the rehabilitation of patients with dementia, osteopenia, sclerosis, wasted muscles, cerebral palsy, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, sports injury, etc. Designed as intelligent LEGO blocks for physical play, therapists and care workers are able to adapt the Moto Tiles to their particular intervention area within less than a minute.

“It is an honour to receive this award, and to be recognized to have an important impact in society for helping the senior care and rehabilitation of citizens globally with the development of our Moto Tiles technology. We are extremely proud to provide such an impact in people’s lives to help them retain, regain and increase their physical and cognitive abilities when playing with our Moto Tiles technology. It demands a lot of fundamental research, creativity and work to obtain such a societal impact, and this award is a testament to the hard work and persistency of our team.” says professor Henrik Hautop Lund.

“The further implementation of the Moto Tiles in the society is important also to provide us with exciting research prospects”, continues Professor Lund, “With the broad implementation in society, utilizing a Big Data and AI approach, we can investigate to develop a playful method for screening people for potential physical and cognitive shortages. The method creates a body and brain performance map for each individual, and the Big Data analysis provides a basis for automatically identifying the particular abilities, which may be underperforming in an individual. Further, several studies including randomized controlled trials with the Moto Tiles system have shown that particular Moto Tiles game play will increase performance of particular abilities, even after short-term play. Thereby, the proposed system will automatically generate personalized training protocols for the individual by selecting and providing the right Moto Tiles games for the individual to play to improve the underperforming abilities.”

Earlier this year, Professor Henrik Hautop Lund also won the awards as ‘The Most Outstanding Healthcare Innovator in the World in 2019’ at The Global Over 50s Housing/Healthcare Awards in London, the Asia-Pacific Eldercare Innovation Award 2019 in Singapore for Innovation of the Year – Dementia solution, and the SilverEco and Ageing Well International Award in Tokyo.

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